These Traitors should be convicted for High Treason!

idris jusoh terengganu natang binatang animal banner 260308 01

I borrowed this picture from Malaysiakini, for further details please go to

I’m waiting to see what the police will do about this. Compare this to SDR Lim Kit Siang’s comment about DAP not endorsing the Perak Sultanate’s decision to appoint Mohd. Nizar of PAS as MB where he got so much flak from BN-UMNO and their media minions and the general public’s displeasure clearly shown in the comments section on his blog.

It’s the Terengganu Palace Representatives decision to appoint Ahmad Said as Menteri Besar, they represent the Palace’s administration which represents the Sultan’s will. So this banner was obviously aimed at the person(s) who DID NOT appoint their choice candidate Idris Jusoh the incumbent to be the Terengganu Menteri Besar. In short, they are insulting the Sultan of Terengganu who happens also to be our reigning monarch His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong Al-Wathiqu Billah Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Mahmud Al-Muktafi Billah Shah.

THAT is HIGH TREASON! What is the punishment?


11 Responses to “These Traitors should be convicted for High Treason!”

  1. Discrimination69 Says:

    Whats new? We have seen UMNO double standards and lies for 50 years, their blindness, arrogance, greed, nepotism and disrespect for others opposite their camp. Its all about money my friends. Lets see what the newly uniformed Polis Di Raja does, interesting ya? We see BN leaders clutching a straw even when drowning, so whats new? How to respect? They are just digging their graves deeper. Waiting to see how much BN and UMNO worms are unearthed in the 5 states. BR, u do your honest work without fear or favour I gurantee you will be in power for next 50 years at least. do you realise that only in Malaysia can a person be pardoned for murder, Minister Mohtar Hashim, Mr Lee and the Sabah politician and Hindraf 5 is jailed indefinitely. Wowee what a democratic country.

  2. all parties in barisan raayat convene a meeting and demand the igp and ag to take action against these goons.

  3. Daulat Tuanku!
    Any malaysian irrespective of normal citizen or politician! who disrespect or not faithful to the King or sultan should be put behind bars under ISA!
    So i think its time to catch the pemimpin biadap umno Idris jusoh and supports and held under ISA. Daulat Tuanku!

  4. Its a damn disgrace and what are the police is gonna do about it??? Nothing thats what one would expect from this BN leaders.
    In the old days this people would be beheaded for going against the KIng. How shameful are you

  5. This shows 1 clear thing, the police and federal government practises double standard.


  6. When is the last time anyone in human history earned genuine respect through force of arms. I am unfamiliar with the particulars of either the protest or the leader purportedly insulted by it. However, as an outsider, I cannot deny that I would have much more respect for a man who prefers dignity and honorable conduct to coercion and brute force as a response to the hostile words of others. Real majesty comes from the heart of a leader, not the guns of his loyal guards.

  7. malayamuda Says:

    the action of UMNO in Trengganu is of imporatnce to the security of the state.

    ISA should be invoked on all those involved including Idris Jusoh

  8. malaysian Says:

    Polis Raja Di Malaysia pro UMNO Maharaja Di Malaysia. How is Raja going to take actions against Maharaja? Police under Home Ministry. Who control Home Ministry? How to ask ‘staff’ to take actions against ‘boss’? I really hope Polis Di Raja Malaysia will act approriately and remember it’s “Polis Di Raja Malaysia”, not “Polis Raja Di Malaysia” or “Polis Raja Kepada BN or UMNO”. So the people who put up the banner will get away free. No police actions against them for demo and insulting the Sultan of Terengganu and DYMM Agong.

  9. Yusoffzaki AB aka matsolo Says:

    Definitely an act of treason has been committed. Being a Terengganu, born+bread, the word ‘natang’ is very degrading to anyone that,s being targetted. I firstly heard the word when i was a young 8-10 years old when a friend of mine in a football match, feeling angry towards this opposingplayer, uttered the word and fight broke out! I refered to mother and was warned by her that in any circumctances, NEVER use the word as its connotation brought humiliation, degrading and anger on the person that you targetted.
    Boys are boys, so am I! Months later, probably thinking that I am good enough to confront some bad boys in my neighborhood, the word ‘natang’ was used, fight followed and being disciplinary action was fast and swift. My father came and enquired. Being told that fight started because i uttered the word, I got 2 slap- hard one.
    It s a subject well learnt.
    But not the police. I was around at the group that carried the offensive banner. I was shocked and dare not act as the situation was very tense. It’s so off that the message was meant and addressed to HRH Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin. But the IGP and AG are silent on this ? Why ?

  10. Chinese Malaysian Says:

    Yeah, who are those Malay Malaysians to inault our beloved Agong and Sultan? Kurang ajar! Power, position, and monsy is all that matters to these low life political worms. Off with their heads I say, and banish them to the Congo. Daulat Tuanku!

  11. i read in a blog somewhere, the Sultan of terangganu has ordered the retraction of the “Datuk Title” from 3 assembley man in the state. and one of them is this idris guy. can someone confirm if this is the case?.

    regarding the poster, just goes to say what you can buy for $10 today.
    these umnoputera’s are so cheap. we can’t the polis for not taking any action. They too have a family to feed. it has to change at federal level.
    If they(polis) were to take any action, heads will roll.

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