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It seems Malaysiakini are still having traffic problems, will we see a drop in traffic once the post election fever cools down? I doubt it. I believe Malaysiakini has firmly established it’s credo. I was impresssed with their work especially during the polling day minute by minute update. I stayed up till 4AM that day to get the latest results.


Half Baked Apology From Former Menteri Besar Terengganu

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I read this article in Malaysiakini

Idris apologises to sultan
Beh Lih Yi | Mar 25, 08 3:59pm

Former Terengganu menteri besar Idris Jusoh has sought the forgiveness of Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin – who is also Sultan of Terengganu – over matters which had incurred the ruler’s wrath.

idris jusoh pc 250308 04“As a Muslim, I made mistakes. It’s only human to make mistakes. I am willing to apologise for my mistakes,” he told a press conference held at a hotel in Subang this afternoon.

Idris – the Barisan Nasional-backed candidate for the MB post in an ongoing tussle between the palace and government – said he tendered an apology to Tuanku Mizan during an audience with the King on Feb 23.

“During the audience with the King, I have explained that as a state leader, I made mistakes and I tendered my apology,” he revealed.

However, he refused to elaborate on the grounds of his apology and declined to comment on whether the palace was unhappy over his handling of the Batu Burok and Rusila incidents in the state.

“It’s a general apology. Muslims always ask for forgiveness when we meet,” he said when pressed by reporters on the matter.”

Don’t get me wrong, apologizing for your mistakes are a good and fine but refusing to state your grounds for the apology in my humble opinion seems mighty insincere. And to say that the appointment of Ahmad Said by the Sultan of Terengganu as “unlawful” further underlines his true agenda which is not an apology but a protest, only it’s a gift-wrapped protest.

Herman C


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When Lim Kit Siang of DAP issued a statement that the DAP state assemblymen of Perak will boycott the swearing in of PAS Assemblyman Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin as the Menteri Besar of Perak, he was admonished for his disrespect for HRH the Regent of Perak Raja Nazrin Shah. Mainstream daily newspapers joined in the fracas and Utusan Malaysia published

DAP biadap

13/03/2008 12:37pm

KUALA LUMPUR 13 Mac – Ketua Penerangan UMNO, Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd. Taib menyifatkan arahan DAP supaya wakil rakyatnya di Perak memulaukan majlis angkat sumpah pelantikan Menteri Besar, sebagai sungguh biadap dan kurang ajar.

Beliau berkata, DAP perlu ingat bahawa majlis tersebut adalah sebahagian daripada adat istiadat Kesultanan Perak yang bermakna jika tidak menghormatinya, maka ia menjadi satu penghinaan kepada institusi raja-raja Melayu.

DAP malam tadi mengarahkan kesemua 18 Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) parti itu di Perak memulaukan majlis angkat sumpah jawatan Menteri Besar, petang ini.

Tindakan itu diambil berikutan keputusan Pemangku Raja Perak, Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah, semalam, yang memilih ADUN Pasir Panjang merangkap Setiausaha Perhubungan Pas negeri, Ir. Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, sebagai Menteri Besar Perak ke-10.

For those who do not understand the Malay language, a condensation of the above article:-

UMNO Info Chief, Tan Sri Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd. Taib characterizes DAP’s motion to boycott the swearing-in ceremony of the Perak Chief Minister as very rude and uncultured.

He says DAP needs to be reminded that the swearing-in ceremony is part of the royal custom and tradition of the Perak Sultanate and it would symbolize great disrespectfulness toward the Royal Malay Sultanate.

But now that the Sultan of Terengganu and also our King, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong HRH Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin has chosen BN-UMNO Kijal state assemblyperson Ahmad Said as the next Menteri Besar, suddenly all is forgotten about royal traditions and customs it seems. 22 UMNO state assemblymen openly announce that they’ll boycott the swearin-in ceremony of Ahmad Said. They also threaten to resign from their posts as state assemblymen if the Sultan does not concede to their demands, or the rakyats’ demands??? (says who?) I don’t remember the rakyat ever being consulted about the right candidate for the MB post. And what did UMNO say when DAP protested about the Perak MB appointment just 2 weeks ago?

Another article from Utusan :-

PM pertahan lantik Idris

SEPANG 23 Mac – Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi hari ini mempertahankan tindakannya melantik Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh sebagai Menteri Besar Terengganu berdasarkan sokongan majoriti Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN).

Perdana Menteri berkata, pelantikan itu tidak akan berubah kerana ia dibuat berasaskan sokongan padu yang diterima oleh Idris daripada ADUN negeri itu.

“Sebarang lantikan dibuat terhadap orang lain tidak kena dari segi Perlembagaan,” katanya kepada pemberita ketika diminta mengulas kemelut pelantikan Menteri Besar di negeri Pantai Timur itu di sini hari ini.

And this :-

Tetap sokong Idris — 23 ADUN buat pengakuan dalam pertemuan dengan PM

KUALA LUMPUR 23 Mac – Timbalan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak berkata, dalam pertemuan dengan Perdana Menteri dan Presiden UMNO Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi malam ini, 23 daripada 24 anggota Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) di Terengganu telah membuat pengakuan untuk menyokong Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh sebagai Menteri Besar.

Najib yang juga Timbalan Presiden UMNO berkata empat ketua bahagian yang hadir dalam kumpulan tersebut iaitu Kuala Nerus, Kuala Terengganu, Setiu dan Besut juga telah memberi pengakuan untuk menyokong Idris sebagai Menteri Besar.

“Ini bererti mereka berpegang pada prinsip mengikut kepada tafsiran Perlembagaan yang mereka mempunyai suara teramai dalam Dewan Undangan Negeri dan mereka akan hanya menerima Datuk Idris Jusoh sebagai Menteri Besar,” katanya kepada Bernama.


Our PM, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi defends his appointment of Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh as the Chief Minister based on the majority support of the state assemblymen of Terengganu

He further stressed that his appoint of Idris Jusoh will not be changed because it’s based on unanimous support of all the assemblymen.

And when questioned further by journalists he reiterated his stand by saying ” Appointment of any other person (as Chief Minister) is unconstitutional.”

And in the next article quoting our DPM Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak (I will only translate the third paragraph as the initial two overlaps the previous article’s meanings)

“This means that we maintain our stand according to the principles interpreted from the constitution that they who have the majority in the State Assembly Hall shall decide the appointment and they will only accept Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh as the Chief Minister of Terengganu.”

So. Who is biadap and kurang ajar?

I rest my case.

Herman C

Ugly Malaysians

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I read Raja Petra Kamruddin’s ” The Ugly Malaysian” with interest and asked myself, am I a racist?

I think I am, and so are most of you fellow Malaysians out there. I think as long as we still think of ourselves as Malay, Chinese, Indian dan lain-lain, we will always have racial issues. I think it’s part of our up-bringing to want to preserve and protect our family traditions and culture. And as long as we feel we’re being mistreated or discriminated, we will forever be on the defensive when it comes to racial issues.

And I quote RPK

Malaysians, just like Americans, are racists; there is no doubt about that. But while Americans will accept the fact that they are racists, Malaysians will deny it and instead will claim to be very tolerant of the other race or races.

You can always tell when a person is a racist from the opening statement when a Chinese says “I have a lot of Indian friends”, or a Malay says “I used to mix with Chinese at school”, or an Indian says “Actually, Malays in the kampong are very nice people”, and so on. This is the Malay, Chinese and Indian way of giving their ‘stamp of approval’ to the other race. Why do you need to emphasis the word ‘Malay’, ‘Chinese’ or ‘Indian’? Is this your way of showing tolerance? Does the emphasis on race mean you are ‘tolerant’ of those not of your race? Is this to give an appearance of magnanimity or generosity on your part? See what a great guy I am. I tolerate the other races. Sheesh… if I need anyone to ‘tolerate’ me.”

I disagree with RPK about ‘tolerance’, I think they key to unity is being tolerant and UNDERSTANDING. The idea of a truly successful multi-racial society in which tolerance is not a part of is only possible if there is no differences amongst all races, which is impossible. His argument of predetermining if someone is a racist by their remarks like “I have a lot of Indian friends” or “I used to mix with Chinese at school” or “Actually, Malays in the Kampong are very nice people” is based on his assumptions that the speaker is trying to project a magnanimous and generous appearance. I’d say that they may be guilty of trying to project that image but by no means are they to be categorized as a racist.

To fully understand why statements like these invoke such response one must consider the racial atmosphere here in our country. With our government feeding us citizens with such institutionalized racist policies like the NEP and their practice of double standards for the past 40 odd years, it’s no great wonder that the ethnic minorities feel oppressed and discriminated against. When there is such imbalance in social and economic issues, it’s not hard to imagine certain groups feeling less welcomed and slighted, thus promoting dissent and disharmony amongst Malaysians of different ethnicity. So we sometimes make such statements as positive signs of tolerance.

So I view those statements as positive and necessary steps on our road to a strong National Identity. I hope my children will be proud to be Malaysians and that they will have EQUAL opportunities in a country that they can truly call home. And they shall laugh at such statements like “I have many Indian friends”.

Herman C