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KHIR TOYO @ MALAYSIAKINI: Our zero squatters policy was the best in the world!

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I just read this article at Malaysiakini by Andrew Ong about an interview with former MB of Selangor Khir Toyo and I couldn’t help but laugh at what was quoted. He said, “Our zero squatters policy was the best in the world. Many foreign governments had sought my help in order to emulate a similar system in their respective countries.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! BEST IN THE WORLD?
I seriously cannot believe he meant that. I mean unless he thinks we’re in a vacuum sealed country with no contact to the rest of the world. How can he validate that claim??? I heard so much unbelievable statements coming out of the mouths of our “leaders” in this country that I don’t bother to pay attention anymore. I’m no longer shocked or angry at them for making us the RAKYAT seem like fools to have this kind of crap shove down our throats, instead I am tickled pink with uncontrollable burst of LAUGHTER seeing them making a fool of themselves in the media everyday. Keep the jokes coming man! I look forward to the next dose of “laughing gas” Picture taken from