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PM Abdullah Badawi to eat his words.. AGAIN!

Posted in News, Politics, Rants with tags , , , , , on March 26, 2008 by hermanc

How many times is he going to do this???!!! He insist on his man Idris and lament that the Palace’s appointment is unconstitutional and after confronting our King(Sultan of Terengganu) he changes his stand? This is so embarrassing la… He has lost all credibility (if he had any left).

And I was always the one who defended him in discussions with my friends that though he’s not been able to perform well as our PM, he deserves another chance, based on the legacy left by the former Mahathir administration, he needed time to reform and get rid of the hardcore corrupt powerful blood suckers (the super kutus). Who else in the current UMNO elite would you rather be at the helm? Najib? No, he wants to bathe (his keris) with Chinese blood. Hishamuddin? Same Keris wielding bigot as his uncle. Ku Li? Nah, he’s past tense.

So… Mr Anwar, I’m counting down to April 15th 2008…